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Olive Oil - Carte Blanche, 2010/2011



S.A. Fryer Oil Initiative (SAFOI)
Lipid Biotechnology Group
Department of Microbial, Biochemical and Food Biotechnology
University of the Free State
P.O. Box 339, Bloemfontein, 9301.

Tel: 051 401 9197; Fax: 051 401 9376

One of the core tasks of the University of the Free State (UFS) is Community Service. This includes aspects like the relief of poverty, health care and provision of scientific information. In this sense the University has a responsibility towards society to alert the public against any malpractices that may be misleading or harmful to the general well being of citizens. The exposure of abusive and misrepresentative practices concerning edible oil falls into this category.

Please note: The South African Fryer Oil Initiative (SAFOI) at the University of the Free State does not prefer or promote any oil above the other. All types of high quality oils (e.g. sunflower oil, palm oil, etc.) can be used with great success in frying processes when good manufacturing procedures are used (see Frying tips).

The South African Fryer Oil Initiative (SAFOI) has decided to construct a database listing oils that are continuously monitored by the UFS as well as used oil collectors.

This action was taken based on malpractices reported below.

  • Over-used Frying Oils in S.A. (1998; Fair Deal)
  • The Cooking Oil Scandal (1999; Sunday Times)
  • The Olive Oil Scandal (2001-2003; Carte Blanche)
  • The Cooking Oil Scandal (2002-2003; Spits-MNET)
  • Abuse of Frying Oil (2004; Carte Blanche)

An easy solution to this problem!

  1. Oil distributors practising the Steward's Principle.
  2. Retailers, wholesalers and frying establishments act as “watch dogs” for the edible oil industry by only buying well controlled oils that are guaranteed by impartial laboratories.
  3. Frying establishments discard their used oils in time using appropriate test kits available on the market and distribute to used oil collectors.

Why this situation in S.A.?

  1. Many frying establishments overuse their oils up to a point where it contains unhealthy breakdown products, which (according to animal experiments) may cause diseases such as arteriosclerosis, cancer, diarrhea, etc. Many of these already used unstable oils are sold-on to the poor communities for use in food preparation which may pose a health hazard.
  2. Only a limited number of frying establishments know when to discard their oils, that is, before they become overused.

Please note: All oils can be abused (broken down) if good oil management practices are not followed (See Frying tips).


Invitation to all!

We hereby invite all oil manufacturers/distributors that manufacture and distribute well controlled oils as well as used oil collectors, to apply for listing and approval. It is important to note that oils that are not listed may still be of high quality and produced under well controlled conditions.


STOA Report - European Parliament; S.A. Food Law; SAFOI research 1995-.